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When designing and making the Pro Ergo vest, the Ufo Plast designers made use of their knowledge of the human body’s ergonomics and examined case studies of motor cycle trauma at the Politecnico di Milano.

The Pro Ergo vest can boast the label “100% Made in Italy” as it was invented, designed and made in Italy, using material and technology that is 100% Italian.

The result is a product which is technically unique and innovative.

• Freedom of movement: especially ergonomic plastic, no limitation of movement.
• Performance: very little waste of energy, extremely light, made out of innovative materials.
• Safety: protection for all exposed parts of the body.

BACK SUPPORT: CE-EN1621-2 Approved

Maximum integrability with the Neck Brace with a proper space on the front and pocket fastener on the back.

Removable sleeves to guarantee an ample range of use.

The Plus factors of the “Sensitive®” fabric

Great bioclimatic comfort thanks to the exclusive “Sensitive®” fabric called “Maglia Skin”, to which the semi-rigid and rigid parts are attached.
This material offers the following exclusive advantages:
• Extra fine;
• Extra comfort;
• Body Moisture Management
• Anti-sand
• Anti-static
• Wrinkle Free
• Quick Drying
• UV Protection
• Anti Pilling
• Chlorine Resistance
• No curling
• No snagging

Anti-shock material inside
Made from technically innovative material which guarantees the highest level of comfort and protection:

T2460/00 material (run-free woven material 70% PA + 30% PL):
The special weave of the fabric and its double layer ensures a high transpiration rate.
The double make-up combines rapid drying (PL) and high abrasion resistance.

Reticulated Polyethylene (100% PE):
Polyethylene is a closed cell expanded material, and therefore does not absorb water. The 4mm diameter hole with 7.5 mm distance guarantees double transpiration compared with the transpiration rate required by Goretex® strict testing.
Polyethylene is odourless, non-toxic and recyclable. It is light and absorbs impact and shock, therefore ensuring great comfort.

ELLERES P forato (100% PU ViscoElastico):
ViscoElastico is a product which gives perfect support for long periods of time, adapting to the weight and temperature of the body and continuously conforming to the shape, minimizing the pressure points. The main feature of this product is the ability to absorb and distribute shock.
It is a heat-sensitive product which becomes softer according to the body temperature.

Anti-shock material outside
Made from polyethylene plastic PE with high impact resistance, the external anti-shock material has a “Honeycomb” structure, something absolutely new in the motor- cycle field, and it offers extremely effective shock absorption and the right heat dissipation (so as to avoid internal overheating).

The complete vest has been made in such a way as to give the best protection to the critical areas of the chest and does not impede or restrain movement of the person wearing it.

Articular restraint
“Pro Ergo” has two straps which can be tightened. They start at the shoulders and reach the waist where they are fastened with Velcro.
The straps cross over in an “X” so that the articulation of the shoulder remains taut at the same time permitting all movements that a motor cyclist has to make (on and off the road).

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